Transit Car Doors

Transit Car Doors

Lightweight Stainless Steel Honeycomb Panels


Refurbish your old doors to be like new 

Stainless Steel Skins

Lightweight Honeycomb Panels for Trains

Stainless Steel # 304


Stainless Steel #304

Frame Tubing


R - 40 / R - 42

Side Door R-38

End Door Leaf

R-32  /  R-38  -   R-40  /  R-42

Refurbish Procedure
a.  Replace old honeycomb with new stainless steel honeycomb panels

b.  Replace any rusted parts inside door with stainless steel parts

c.  Rebond skins with Mil Adhesive A25463 Ty 1 Cl 1 and seal door

d. Regrain door to original factory finish depending on condition

We also suport many other cars such as R-62 , R-26 , R-28 ,R-29 , R-33 , R-36 , R-110 A, R-44 , R-46 , R-68 , R-68A , and more 



Interested in our lightweight honeycomb panels for trains? If so, give us a call for more information.