Extruded Doors

Customer should specify the following:

a) Door Type (i.e. Type 1) and Sill Type (i.e. Sill Type A). 

b) Clear Opening Size (i.e. 26 x 75) Note- This is the daylight opening through the outer frame. 
c) Swing (i.e. L.H.) Note- As looking at door that swings toward the viewer. 
d) Finish (i.e. Prime only or Prime and Paint Beige Color # Fed Std. 595#23717). 
e) Options to be included (i.e. 4" fixed light, size III louver, door closer, latchset). 
f) Door Undercut, Note- 3/16" standard Type 2 or Type 3 doors,  1/2" standard Type 1 doors. 
g) Advise if deck material is steel or aluminum for Type 1 or Type 3 doors.

Hasp and Staple
4" dia. Lite
Door Closer*
Dutch Door Shelf (std. side/oppo. side)
Hold Back Hook and Bumper
"Fume Tight" Gaskets or Sweeps
Roton Hinges

*Shipped as loose items