Navy False Deck Panels


Advanced Structures Corporation's False Deck Panels are made of a GRP/Nomex ™ construction with various decorative finishes such as Blue/Grey Matrix, Cloud Nebula and Titanium EV,

Our False Deck Panels are manufactured in strict accordance to Bath Iron Works Catalog No. 57015-012 as follows:  .536-.500 thick, 48" x 96", Honeycomb Core: 3/16" cell, 6.0 lb. density with 20 mil 7642 fiberglass composite layers impregnated with 50% by weight Fire Retardant phenolic resin, MIL-A-25463 Non Hydroscopic Adhesive; faced with customer specified decorative finish, bonded together as a composite structural panel.

Certificate of Conformance based on Bath Iron Works approvals of Advanced Structures Corporation's Test Report ASTR-208 under Bath Iron Works Letter 1843-1/JRT dated 3/7/1991 and approval dated 4/11/1995.  Copy of Test Report ASTR-208 is available upon written request.


The False Deck Panel is constructed of composite plastic materials that require specific Fire, Smoke and Toxicity limitation for crew safety