Transit Car Doors
Lightweight Stainless Steel Honeycomb
Refurbish your Old Doors to be like New 


Stainless Steel Skins

Stainless Steel # 304     Honeycomb
Stainless Steel #304    Frame Tubing  
R - 40 / R - 42

Side Door

End Door Leaf
R-32  /  R-38  -   R-40  /  R-42

 Refurbish Procedure
 a.  Replace old honeycomb with new stainless steel honeycomb
  b.  Replace any rusted parts inside door with stainless steel parts
      c.  Rebond skins with Mil Adhesive A25463 Ty 1 Cl 1 and seal door
d. Regrain door to original factory finish depending on condition
 We also support many other cars such as R-62 , R-26 , R-28 ,R-29 , R-33 , R-36 , R-110 A, R-44 , R-46 , R-68 , R-68A , and more.