Honeycomb Doors

Advanced Structures Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of honeycomb doors for use by the US Navy and US Coast Guard. More specifically metal joiner honeycomb ship compartment doors. A crucial aspect for many ships. Get custom specifications when you order.


 Honeycomb Ship Compartment Doors

Honeycomb Ship Compartment Doors

Honeycomb Ship Compartment Doors

Honeycomb Ship Compartment Doors

Metal Joiner Honeycomb Ship Compartment Doors

We are OEM Door Mfg. for FFG-DDG-DD-CG-CVN-LCS-NSC-LHA-LHD-MCM-MCH Class Ships.


Customer should specify the following:
a) Door Type (i.e. Type 1) and Sill Type (i.e. Sill Type A). 
b) Clear Opening Size (i.e. 26 x 75) Note- This is the daylight opening through the outer frame. 
c) Swing (i.e. L.H.) Note- As looking at door that swings toward the viewer. 
d) Finish (i.e. Prime-only or Prime and Paint Beige Color # Fed Std.   595#23717). 
e) Options to be included (i.e. 4" fixed light, size III louver, door closer, latchset). 
f) Door Undercut, Note- 3/16" standard Type 2 or Type 3 doors,  1/2" standard Type 1 doors. 
g) Advise if deck material is steel or aluminum for Type 1 or Type 3 doors.


Hasp and Staple
4" dia. Lite
Door Closer*
Dutch Door Shelf (std. side/oppo. side)
Hold Back Hook and Bumper
"Fume Tight" Gaskets or Sweeps
Roton Hinges
*Shipped as loose items

What Are Honeycomb Doors

Honeycomb doors are a type of door that is made with a honeycomb core. This honeycomb core provides greater resistance to impact and offers high sound with thermal insulation for longer durability. In any sort of climate or situation, these honeycomb doors remain firm and steady against moisture. These doors are also eco-friendly, which is a nice advantage when utilizing them.

When it comes to these honeycomb doors for US Navy and Coast Guard Purposes, the geometry allows the minimization of the amount of used material to reach the minimal weight and minimal material cost. Due to the design and their lightweight, they are perfect for use on ships for the US Nacy and Coast Guard. 

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Advanced Structures Corporation is a trusted provider of quality Honeycomb Ship Compartment Doors. These lightweight honeycomb doors are widely used within the US Navy and US Coast Guard. When we manufacture these doors, we adhere to the strict standards and regulations to create safe and reliable doors. Get the best honeycomb doors when you turn to us.

If you are interested in one of our metal joiner honeycomb ship compartment doors, or any of our other metal joiner products on the site, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our selection of MJ panels and doors. When you reach out, we can provide you with a free quote.