Coast Guard Floating Deck Panel & Kit

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Simple And Easy Coast Guard Floating Deck Construction

Save Up To 80 Man Hours During Installation! 

Advanced Structures Corporation is the sole source manufacturer of Floating Deck Kits for U.S. Coast Guard applications. Our deck kits are unique in that they are manufactured and shipped as pre-cut panels to fit specific ship compartment matrixes so that when your floating deck kit arrives, they are ready for a quick installation. A floating deck kit from us is an efficient & economical purchase and requires little to no cutting during the installation. Our goal was to make this undertaking go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Having all deck panels pre-cut saves approximately 80 hours of labor required to cut down 48" x 96" deck panels for A, B & C Class Island Class Patrol Cutters. These floating deck kits can also be offered with isolation blocks, if so desired. We pride ourselves in providing you with a wide set of options, so your specifications can be met.

Advanced Structures Corporation also offers a complete deck kit for the 47-foot Motor Life Boat program. The Floating Deck Kit for this program can be ordered as individual deck panels or a complete kit with all panels supplied. Optional items that can be supplied with this deck kit include the recessed latch hardware and rubber matting. All Floating Deck Kits produced are manufactured to original ship design specifications unless otherwise specified at the time of the request.

Floating Deck Panel

Advanced Structures Corporation is proud to offer our complete floating deck kits for the Coast Guard. Our commitment to excellent client support allows us to provide you with a strong and high-quality floating deck for your situation. Our professionally trained US Navy and Coast Guard floating deck experts have years of industry experience. We have the expertise to get you exactly what you want out of your floating deck. We are a nationwide distributor for all that we offer, so no matter where you and your business is located, we have the means to get you what you need. We work efficiently on each and every job we perform and get you your floating deck in a timely manner.

Custom Floating Deck Panel Manufacturer

Advanced Structures Crop. has years of experience in the industry and supplies easy-to-install coast guard floating deck kits. Contact us for more information about a floating deck panel. We are a leading distributor and manufacturer of marine joiner products for the US Navy & Coast Guard. We can custom manufacture any order to better suit your exact needs.