Ultra Lightweight Doors




 Ultra Lightweight Doors for Ships


Advanced Structures' Ultra Lightweight Joiner Doors are constructed, tested and certified to be in complete compliance with NAVSHIPS drawing 805-4629248. This certification includes:

  • use of MIL-SPEC materials

  • approved bonding processes and procedures

  • certification of qualification testing of toxic fume emissions, fire performance, water resistance and strength requirements, including a 200,000 cycle slamming test.

These doors are of all aluminum construction. Our Ultra Lightweight Doors meet Grade A Shock Test requirements.


Customer should specify the following:

  1. Door Type (i.e. Type 1) and Sill Type (i.e. Sill Type A)
  2. Clear Opening Size (i.e. 26 x 75) Note- This is the daylight opening through the outer frame
  3. Swing (i.e. L.H.) Note- As looking at door that swings toward the viewer
  4. Finish (i.e. Prime only or Prime and Paint Beige Color # Fed Std. 595#23717)
  5. Options to be included (i.e. 4" fixed light, size III louver, door closer, latchset)
  6. Door Undercut, Note- 3/16" standard Type 2 or Type 3 doors,  1/2" standard Type 1 doors
  7. Advise if deck material steel or aluminum for Type 1 or Type 3 doors

Cost - All doors cost requirements are quoted on an individual basis depending on the specifications.


Ultra Lightweight Doors for Ships


  • Hasp and Staple
  • Latchset*
  • Lockset*
  • 4" dia. Lite
  • Louver
  • Door Closer*
  • Dutch Door Shelf (std. side/oppo. side)
  • Hold Back Hook and Bumper
  • "Fume Tight" Gaskets or Sweeps
  • Roton Hinges

*Shipped as loose items


  1. No Finish
  2. Prime only
  3. Prime and Finish Paint

Shock Tested Approved

Doors also available with double louvers.
(i.e. 2 Type 1 louvers)

Ultra Lightweight Doors for Ships


  1. Other special types of honeycomb construction doors available from Advanced Structures includes hospital-type stainless steel swinging doors, single or double sliding doors or customer designed specials.

  2. Special lightweight honeycomb joiner doors are available fabricated from all stainless steel or all low carbon steel.

  3. U.S. Navy qualified and approved Honeycomb Construction joiner bulkheads, and sanitary space enclosures are also available from Advanced Structures. Please send for literature and additional information. 


I 6
7-3/8 18 sq. in..
II 8 8-3/4 29 sq. in.
III 11 8-3/4 39 sq. in.
IV 12 12-7/8 64 sq. in.
V 14 14-7/8 83 sq. in.
VI 14 18-3/8 108 sq. in.
VII 14 25-1/4 149 sq. in.

 Ultra Lightweight Door Types  Sill Types

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Advanced Structures Corp has years of experience in the industry and provides reliable and affordable ultra lightweight doors for ships. We are a leading developer and manufacturer in the USA. When you turn to us, we can customize any MJ door to fit your exact specifications. On top of these doors, we also manufacture other types of MJ doors. All of the parts we manufacture are for the US Navy and US Coast Guard. We are proud to partner with them and provide them with the military joiner products they need. When we manufacture any sort of door or panel, it is always up to code and regulations.

For more information, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our selection of MJ doors. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote! Simply provide us with your specifications and we can analyze the cost for the ultra lightweight MJ doors you want.