Water Closet Partitions - WC Partitions

Advanced Structures provides customers across the country with a wide range of high-quality military joiner products, which includes these durable water closet partitions. Or in other words, bathroom stalls. The US Navy and US Coast Guard use these WC partitions on their vessels in their bathrooms to make sure there is privacy. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor who can customize these partitions to specifically suit the needs of the US Navy and Coast Guard. Get top-of-the-line WC partitions when you turn to Advanced Structures Co.

Water Closet Partitions

We custom manufacture the deck-mounted water closet partitions to allow for quick and easy installation. All of our honeycomb panels are furnished complete with specific finishing and edge closeouts. The installation is simple when you follow the typical installation drawings. It is a matter of drilling and bolting in place. Get reliable results when you properly install these partitions into the bathroom or rest area of your US Navy or Coast Guard ship.

Water Closet Partitions

The honeycomb construction water closet components and partitions are certified to meet all NAVSEA requirements for material processes and testing. So, you can trust its durability. These requirements allow for a long lifespan of the WC partitions.

NEW: Millennium Heads
(With Honeycomb Panels)
IAW NAVSEA Drawing: 505-7101179 Rev B
Reference GN 18W, 18G, 18R, 28 and 36

Developer & Manufacturer of Water Closet Partitions

Advanced Structured Corp is a trusted provider of a wide array of military and marine joiner products, which includes the custom manufacturing of WC partitions. Though we are located in New York, we distribute our military joiner products and WC partitions to customers nationwide. Our manufacturing process for many of the products and materials on our site can be customized to meet your exact specifications. This allows us to provide the exact size products to our customers. We proudly work with many in the US Navy and US Coast Guard and provide them with the joiner applications they need.

Importance of WC Partitions

Having durable and long-lasting WC partitions is important for a few reasons. One is they allow for simple and private access to bathroom stalls. Get the privacy you want with these durable partitions. And make the people who enter the bathroom more comfortable with durable WC partitions. Another good benefit is the fact that improve the overall hygiene of the bathroom area. By keeping these areas enclosed, the germs spread less and thus keep the bathroom area cleaner for frequent use.

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For more information about our MJ panels and partitions, reach out to us today. When you reach out, we can provide you with a free consultation to go over exactly what you need and how our manufacturing capabilities can match it. We are a leading developer and manufacturer of marine joiner products for US Navy and US Coast Guard applications. When you turn to us, you are getting WC partitions that are durable and long-lasting.