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US Naval, Coast Guard and Train Applications

Balance doors are on of the many products we manufacture for the US Navy and Coast Guard. Advanced Structures Corp is a leading manufacturer of marine joiner products and can custom manufacture all sorts of partitions, panels and doors.

What Are Balance Doors?

Balance doors are very common in the US Navy and Coast Guard. In a nutshell, a balance door works by having the door panel rotate around a rolling pivot in an elliptical path that provides the widest possible opening with the smallest swing arc. This design neutralizes two naturally occurring pressures: atmospheric (wind) and interior stack pressure. On top of that, it allows effortless opening and positive closing. The use of balance doors is typically required when a commercial project has a large entrance and requires an over-sized heavy door. The 'balanced' principle allows for the use of these monumental doors where ordinary closer mechanisms would fail to offer adequate control.


  • Wind and stack pressures work for you and not against you.
  • Allows for simple operation (even under bad conditions).
  • Easy closing abilities.
  • Adjustable hydraulic back check, which allows for consistent smooth operation.
  • Easy adjustments without removing covers for latching speed, closing speed, back check and spring power.
  • Requires less operating space than your conventionally hinged doors.
  • Manufacturing supports large and monumental doors.
  • Simple and easy installation.

How Balance Doors Works

When it comes down to it, the balance doors work by having the air pressure balance itself out around the rolling pivot, so you will need less force to operate the door. So when these balanced doors open, approximately two thirds of the door swings outward. While one third swings inward, allowing wind or stack pressure to assist rather than hinder the operation of the door.

How Its Put Together

The door pivots on two single piece metal arms. Typically cast bronze or stainless steel. This pivot is located at the top and bottom of the door. And the metal arms are attached to a pivoting hinge tube that runs the entire height of the door. The hinge tube contains a torsion bar that provides the closing force for the door, and is connected to a hydraulic checking device located in the header, and a tension adjusting gear box at the sill.

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Advanced Structures has years of experience in this industry and has partnered with many in the US Navy and US Coast Guard to bring them the best partitions, panels and doors for their applications. We are a company that specializes in lightweight honeycomb ship compartment doors and panels for US Naval, US Coast Guard and train applications.

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