Fire Zone Doors

Fire Zone Doors for US Navy & Coast Guard

Advanced Structures manufactures durable fire zone doors for use by the US Navy and Coast Guard. We specialize in the manufacturing of honeycomb doors and panels and are proud to provide these materials to clients around the country. We test to make sure all of the doors we manufacture are safe and in proper working order.

For more information about these fire zone doors, please reach out to us today! We will happily answer any questions you may have regarding these doors and panels. To call our office, please dial 631-667-5000. When you call, you can provide us with your exact specifications. And we will return to you with a quote for what you need. So please, do not hesitate to reach out to us for the safest fire zone doors on the market!

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We specialize in lightweight honeycomb doors for US Naval, US Coast Guard and train applications. As a leading developer in the industry, many turn to Advanced Structures for the best in doors and panels.

What Is a Fire Zone Door?

When it comes down to it, a fire zone door is simply a door to prevent the spread of fire. A simple explanation for an important element on any ship, boat, building or train. God forbid there is a fire, these doors are able to limit its spread to specific zones in order for the occupants to find a route to safety. These doors are limit or stop the spread of smoke. This way people have a clear, non-toxic route to an exit. All of this is important in the planning and construction of boats and ships for the US Navy and US Coast Guard. Not having the proper safety measures in place can lead to catastrophic results.

Proper Certification

Our fire zone doors are constructed, tested and certified to be in complete compliance with NAVSHIPS drawing 805-4629248. This certification includes:

  • use of MIL-SPEC materials.
  • approved bonding processes and procedure.
  • certification of qualification testing of toxic fume emissions, fire performance, water resistance and strength requirements, including a 200,000 cycle slamming test.
  • Meet Grade A Shock Test requirements.

When you turn to Advanced Structures, you will be getting panels and doors that work at the highest order! On top of these available doors, our extruded doors also work great for many applications.