FZ FT Doors For US Navy & US Coast Guard

Advanced Structures Corp manufactures reliable and safe fire zone fumetight doors, or FZ FT doors for short. These FZ FT doors are a crucial aspect to keep areas safe from a fire. This is not something everyone likes to think about, because fires are dangerous, but being prepared with the right equipment will keep people safe during an emergency.

What Are FZ FT Doors?

FZ FT doors stand for fire zone fume tight doors. These are doors that are fire-rated and made to withstand the extreme heat of fires. These hollow, metal doors and frames all must have a latch and a closing device. And these doors are tested for both fire conditions and panic situations. When it comes to the locks, they can be either fail-safe or fail-secure emergency exit locks.

Of course, these doors are meant to meet certain safety standards and criteria to fight against fire, but these doors can and quite frankly should be used for normal use inside and outside buildings. Advanced Structures Corp is a leading developer and manufacturer of these doors for use within the US Naval, US Coast Guard and various train applications. Having these doors at the ready allows for safe passage.

In general, fire doors are required on many of these ships and trains in the first place. These doors must block the spread of flames and smoke and minimize the overall property damage. When these doors work properly, they often automatically close when they detect a fire. So they offer important protection against the spread of a fire. Any interior doors will help to block or delay the spread of heat, smoke, and flames. Not allowing the fire to progress and expand. Keeping the occupants safe in the meantime.

Preventative & Defensive Fire Protection

When it comes to fire protection, there are two key aspects. They are preventative fire protection and defensive fire protection. In general, fire protection covers all protective measures in order to prevent the occurrence and spread of fires and smoke.

The key role of preventative fire protection is to protect any escape and rescue routes from the fire and keep them safe for exiting. And limit the overall damage of the fire. There are structural, technical and organizational aspects that make up preventative fire protection. All structural fire protection measures involve creating safe, structural systems and focus on how the materials will behave in the emergence of a fire. And subsequently how they resist the fire. The technical aspects of fire protection involve the placement of fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems, smoke extraction systems and dire protection doors. All working together to create a safer environment. And the organization fire protection aspects are about appointing fire protection officers, fire maintenance officers, and devising effective fire protection plans. All three of these aspects work together to create the safest environment possible.

Then we come to defensive fire protection, which covers all measures that will effectively extinguish a fire. In general, this is essentially the work of a fire department, since they are the ones working to extinguish the fire. The FZ FT doors are simply a measure in order to limit or slow the spread of the fire, but they do not handle the extinguishing of it.

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Advanced Structures Corp has years of experience working in this industry and developing safe and reliable FZ FT doors for use by the US Navy and US Coast Guard. We utilize the help of GRP panels in order to create the most durable doors possible. When you work with us, you will be working with one of the industry leaders. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today to learn more about all that we do. The number for our office is (631) 667-5000. When you call, we can go over exactly what you need and how we can help. Once we have the appropriate information, we can provide you with a fair and accurate quote.