Joiner Bulkheads For US Navy & US Coast Guard Applications

A joiner bulkhead is a wood or light metal bulkhead that serves to bound staterooms, offices, etc, but does not contribute to the ship's overall strength. A joiner bulkhead is a relatively new and unique method for the installation of bulkheads. This installation is done together with ceilings in ships. It is distinguished by the utilization of a special system of preformed panels, which are held in position by specially formed friction clamps. This joiner is erected between a friction holding header of special construction and footing fastened to the deck or floor. And it is further characterized by heat transfer blocking fasteners.

Classifications of Joiner Bulkheads

When it comes to a joiner bulkhead, there are various classifications for them to serve various purposes. You can view this patent on Google to learn more. Here are the various classifications.


This classification describes a connection of slabs, sheets or the like to the supporting construction with the slabs, panels, sheets or the like. Doing so positioned on the upper-side of, or held against the underside of the horizontal flanges of the supporting construction or accessory means connected by means of snap action of elastically deformable elements held against the underside of the supporting construction.


This classification describes bulkheads and the various bulkhead reinforcements available.


This classification describes the paneling and lining typically used for insulating purposes.


The E04B2/7863 classification refers to the removable non-load-bearing partitions. These are the partitions with a free upper edge modular coordination with framework or posts of metal characterized by a special cross-section of the frame-members. This classification is important for securing wall panels to a framework with or without the help of cover-strips of open profile of substantially I - section with web perpendicular to plane of partition.


This classification refers to the details for fire protection.

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