Lightweight Honeycomb Panels & Doors for Trains

Leading Developer of Lightweight Panels & Doors

Advanced Structure Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer that specializes in lightweight honeycomb doors and panels for US Naval, US Coast Guard and train applications. Trains need to utilize lightweight materials so they can maintain efficiency during travel. Lighter trains mean faster times, as well as act more energy efficient. So train manufacturers look to find the best lightweight honeycomb panels and doors for their completion. And that is when they turn to us to get affordable lightweight honeycomb panels and doors for trains.

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For more information about our selection of honeycomb panels, please reach out to us today. The number for our office is (631) 667-5000. When you call, we can go over our manufacturing capabilities and go over price points. Custom manufacturing is available for these honeycomb panels and doors for trains. Simply provide us with your specifications and we will make sure to meet your demands.

What Are Rail Car Honeycomb Applications?

Due to the overall advantages of lightweight honeycomb panels and doors, these panels and doors are widely used in aviation, aerospace, transportation, construction, military and other areas. When it comes down to it, honeycomb panels are used for train bulkheads and floors and will effectively reduce the weight of trains and improve the handling of materials.

Rail car honeycomb applications include lighter and stronger materials to enable the manufacturer to build structures that travel faster with reduced environmental impact. Which is what we do here at Advanced Structure Corp. The lightweight applications in the rail industry are similar to those in the aircraft industry. The best manufacturing practices utilize stainless steel, aluminum and Nomex honeycomb cores in order to build the best rail car systems. Rail car floors, doors, ceilings and bulkheads incorporate honeycomb cored sandwich structures that utilize the lightweight of the material to improve efficiency on the train.

And the lightweight honeycomb panels and doors we manufacture are made of stainless steel. So not only are they lightweight, but they are also durable. Our manufacturing capabilities ensures that these panels and doors meet your specifications for both durability and weight. We have years of experience manufacturing these honeycomb panels and doors and will work to maintain our sterling reputation.

Importance of Honeycomb Train Doors and Panels

When you are talking about trains, you need to think about passenger safety and comfort. Moving passengers smoothly without disruptions. The honeycomb doors we manufacture excel in maintaining passenger flow, while still ensuring their safety. These doors are customizable in order to meet your demands. Special finishes are available that can match your aesthetic. But these doors are also built with safety and security in mind, so you do not need to worry about the safety of anyone on the train. Get lightweight honeycomb doors for your train that improve efficiency, increase safety, and look great. We manufacture these doors from stainless steel, so durability is also a plus.