Titanium EV Panels

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One particular sub-category of false deck panels is titanium ev panels. In a nutshell, false deck panels are a crucial aspect for those within the US Naval and US Coast Guard industries. US Navy false deck panels (FDP) are perfect for most Naval and Coast Guard applications. Each false deck panel we manufacture can be specified for your application. Common ones include standard panels, GRP panels, and flush panels. As a leading developer and manufacturer of these panels, you can rest assured the end product is reliable for your applications.

Advanced Structures Corp is a nationwide distributor of false deck panels. And a leading developer and manufacturer of false deck panels and bulkheads for the US Navy and US Coast Guard. Get a floating deck kit that meets your application needs. For more information about all of the US Navy false decks and titanium ev finishing options, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our joiner and FDP products. So please call 631-667-5000 today to speak to our office. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote. As well as go over any details regarding the manufacturing process.

Beautiful Titanium EV Finish

Titanium EV PanelsCustomization is possible when it comes to any false deck panel. And we can apply various decorative finishes. Titanium EV is one of those finishes. We manufacture our false deck panels in strict accordance to Bath Iron Work Catalog No. 57015-012. These guidelines make it a dependable product to purchase and install. If this is the finish you want, then please inquire with us about how to proceed. We can also go over our other finishes, including cloud nebula and blue/grey matrix.

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False Deck Panel Features

We manufacture each titanium ev false deck panel in accordance with Nomex regulations. Nomex is a registered trademark for flame-resistant products. They have been an industry standard since the 1960s and offer customers a reliable option. Nomex makes sure that the manufacturing process of the products are done in a safe, reliable manner. Nomex is produced by a condensation reaction. Whenever fire safety is a must, turn to Nomex products! So when it's Nomex, it's safe!

Each titanium ev false deck panel is constructed of composite plastic materials, which require specific fire, smoke and toxicity limitation for crew safety. It is important that these materials follow fire safety guidelines. We want to maintain a safe environment for all of our customers. So ensuring the regulations are in place is our small way of contributing to your safety.

Advanced Structure is a leading developer and manufacturer of lightweight honeycomb doors and panels for US Naval, US Coast Guard and train applications. We offer pre-cut deck kits to make installation simple and easy.