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Advanced Structures Corp is a leading provider of a wide range of military joiner products, including a trusted floating deck manufacturer. These decks are perfect for use by the Coast Guard and other military grade applications. They are sturdy and dependable and easy to put together. And since we customize the decks, you can get it made to your specifications.

For more information about all of the different military joiner decks and panels we offer, please give us a call. The number for our office is 631-667-5000. When you call, we can go over all of the details regarding the floating deck you need.

Coast Guard Floating Deck Panels

The Coast Guard floating deck panels we sell will save you both time and money. This is because they come pre-cut. We have the ability to specialize in almost any order. And by shipping out the panels already cut, you can save up to 80 hours of labor. Think about how much more productive you can be! These floating deck panels can come with isolation blocks. These blocks are a simple way to cut down on vibrations and sounds and are a great addition to any deck kit purchase. And we will work with you on the prices for any of the products on our site. We understand there can be budget limitations, but safety is paramount and no shortcuts will be made.

Floating Deck ExamplesFull Customization

Fit your ship with the best floating panels on the market. Each custom panel will allow for easy circumvention of air and wiring on an otherwise clustered ship. Organize data centers and computer rooms on Coast Guard and military ships with floating panels that are reliable and sturdy. Our panels can be custom made and ordered to fit and ship's design. We aim to satisfy your needs and will gladly assist you with any special request. Just be sure to provide us with the specifications beforehand and with enough time for us to manufacture them in a quick turnaround. Some jobs may took longer than others and we do not want to keep you waiting. But by being our own manufacturer, we have the power to handle orders of all sizes in a seamless fashion.

It is important for ships to get upgrades from time to time over the years of use. Keep them modern with a quality floating deck. They can turn an older looking ship into one that looks almost new. And upgrading the deck panels is not just for the aesthetics, it is for safety too. Having older equipment on board could be detrimental to all those aboard. Allow for a safer work environment with our easy to install floating deck kit. Some of the finishes available for our floating decks are titanium ev, cloud nebula and a blue/gray matrix.

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At Advanced Structures Corp., we aim to please. We are a trusted manufacturer of a wide array of marine joiner products that are specifically made for those in the US Navy and Coast Guard. We have years of experience in the industry and can help you with a wide range of services and products. All of our products can be shipped nationwide for your convenience. For more information about our floating deck kits or any of our other services in general, please reach out to us today. We can provide you with a free quote. Our number is 631-667-5000. We will gladly help you with any questions you may have about a floating deck, as well as any of the products or materials found on our site.